The constant feedback reduces friction possibilities and conflict management becomes more effective. Renaissance monks made a very interesting exercise. They were placed in a circle and trained the effectiveness of communication through simple repetition. When they heard the speech of another colleague, repeated exactly what the fellow had said, as if it were an echo and a mirror. Once the talks had been repeated identically, the monk would give his opinion (feedback) about it. It is a simple but very effective exercise. Train people to listen carefully to each other, without increasing or decreasing the content.

From this exercise you have carefully to get in touch with the opinions, comments and feelings of another human being. It is the search for an intimacy that reveals the truths and the ghosts of each person. Interact with each other to know and make known. It is the quest for dignity, respect, affection and care that keeps us healthy and willingness to learn and exchange experiences.

Every relationship is a building that receives bricks in a well-founded foundation. The construction of this foundation begins the process of listening carefully., And show interested in feelings and ideas shared by the other.

Foto: Marina Abramovic

 To listen carefully to the other person you find yourself sharing the universe which is also yours. Emotions such as resentment, grudges, facilities and difficulties of others are also similar to ours. Listening intently the other I find myself as a human being. This practice deepens our way to see us, and increases our capacity for empathy. Empathy as a synonym for putting yourself in another's place. Look through the eyes of another. Having compassion for the sufferings and joys of the other person. It is a practice that is worth being trained and improved.

 Author: Paulo Antônio Alves de Almeida, M. Sc.